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Our Founding

Discover the story of Abioye, the adventurous trader who fell in love with the queen of Anansiya and founded the W.I.S.E Trading Company.

Captain Abioye Sundiata

A painting of a man wearing African Muslim Attire
a painting of Abioye Keita Sundiata Amanireni

A Seafarer from Birth

Abioye Keita Sundiata Amanireni, better known as Sidi-Merianansi, embarked on his life's voyage in the heartland of West Africa. Born to the Malinke Tribe, a family with a storied legacy in trade, he was nurtured under the tales of maritime adventures spun by his father and grandmother, Musu. Her stories of the mystical island nation of Anansiya near the Arabian Sea ignited an unquenchable curiosity within young Abioye, kindling his passion for exploration.

An oil painting of a woman holding a book.
An oil painting of Abioye's Grandmother Musu

Venturing into Uncharted Waters

As Abioye matured, his thirst for exploration and discovery took him far and wide across the African continent and beyond. His proficiency in navigation and his understanding of trade flourished as he braved the high seas. However, it was during a violent storm in the Arabian Sea that Abioye's destiny intersected with the tales of his grandmother. Spotting an island amidst the tempest, he managed to steer his crew and ship to safety, unwittingly landing on the shores of Anansiya.

a ship out at sea caught in a storm.
a W.I.S.E Trade Sloop caught in a storm at sea

Encounter with the Queen

Abioye was mesmerized by Anansiya's culture and tradition, but it was his meeting with the island's wise and powerful queen, Queen Moremi Amanireni Qasi-Merianansi, that changed his life irrevocably. Falling deeply in love, he decided to make the island nation his home, marrying the queen, and becoming an influential figure within the Anansiyan society.

a painting of Queen Moremi Amanireni Qasi-Merianansi

Foundation of the W.I.S.E Trading Company

In 1696, the royal couple, blending their love for trade and understanding of cultures, founded the W.I.S.E Trading Company. It served as a catalyst for knowledge exchange, inclusivity, and cultural diversity in the world of commerce. Under their stewardship, the company burgeoned, paving pathways across the Arabian Sea and beyond.

The first royal charter drafted for The W.I.S.E Trade Co.
The first royal charter drafted for The W.I.S.E Trade Co. c.1696

Legacy Amidst Loss

Unfortunately, Abioye's life came to a premature end during a sea battle, defending his ship against rival pirates. The queen, unable to bear the loss, succumbed to her grief shortly after. The legacy of their united strength, however, was carried forward by their sons, Ade and Tafari. While Ade became a legendary pirate captain Blackheart, Tafari assumed the Anansiyan throne, working relentlessly to fortify the W.I.S.E Trading Company.

Abioye's memory continues to shine brightly in Anansiya, his life's voyage woven intrinsically into the nation's history. Through the enduring W.I.S.E & Black Trading Company, his legacy of promoting knowledge, diversity, and inclusivity in trade and commerce persists, embodying the spirit of Anansiya and its people. His story remains a testament to the power of curiosity, resilience, and love, indelibly inked into the annals of Anansiya.

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