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Our Trade Secrets

Learn about the history of promoting knowledge exchange and the sharing of stories from unheard-of tales from around the world.

Our Wares, Trade, and Routes

The W.I.S.E Trading Company was a major player in the world of trade and commerce in its heyday, and it dealt in a wide range of goods and commodities from all over the world.

One of the company's main exports was textiles. Anansiya had a rich tradition of weaving and textile production, and the company's skilled artisans produced some of the finest fabrics in the world. The company's textiles were in high demand in Europe and Asia, and they were traded for a wide range of goods, from spices and exotic fruits to precious metals and gemstones.

The company also dealt in a variety of other goods, such as pottery, ceramics, and furniture. These items were traded with countries all over the world, including China, India, and Europe.

One of the company's most important trading partners was the Ottoman Empire. Anansiya's location on the east coast of Africa made it an important hub for trade with the Middle East, and the company's merchants established strong ties with Ottoman traders. Goods such as spices, silks, and carpets were traded between Anansiya and the Ottoman Empire, and the two countries maintained a strong economic relationship for many years.

Captain "Blackheart" Ade, the son of Abioye Keita Sundiata Amanireni and brother of King Tafari, was a legendary pirate captain who disrupted slave trade routes and freed captives. Many of these captives were welcomed and became citizens of Anansiya, adding to the country's cultural diversity and enriching its society.

Despite its eventual dissolution, the W.I.S.E Trading Company remains a symbol of the importance of knowledge exchange and cultural diversity in the world of business, and its legacy lives on through the revitalized W.I.S.E & Black Trading Company, which promotes Anansiyan history and sells quality apparel items.

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