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Our Emblem

The Wise & Black brand is adorned with the distinctive emblem of a Moor's head, an iconic symbol that sparks intrigue and curiosity.

The Moor's Head

a painting of Saint Maurice of Thebes.
a painting of Saint Maurice of Thebes.

Saint Maurice: The Origin

The story begins with Saint Maurice of Egypt, born in the ancient city of Thebes in 250 AD. He was a commander of the Theban Legion, an elite Roman force composed entirely of Christian soldiers. In a pivotal act of faith and rebellion, Saint Maurice and his legion refused to worship the Roman pagan gods, leading to their decimation and eventual execution. Their steadfast courage and martyrdom became a symbol of valor and resolve, which would reverberate through the centuries.

The Silk Council: Cultural Exchange and Reinterpretation

Centuries later, the Silk Council in Anansiya found inspiration in the tale of Saint Maurice. Through knowledge exchanges with Catholic traders, the Council became acquainted with the historical figure and his emblem. They resonated deeply with its symbolism and decided to incorporate it into their own emblem.

The original Moors Head Emblem
The original Moors Head Emblem

However, the Silk Council saw an opportunity to adapt the emblem to align it with their cultural context. They placed a gold crown on the Moor's head and added a golden earring, giving the symbol an androgynous quality. The crowned Moor's head, thus transformed, came to be known as The Crowned Moors, symbolizing a harmonious blend of different cultures and ideas.

The Anansiyan Moors Head Emblem
The Anansiyan Moors Head Emblem

West India Shipping & Exploration Company: Trade and Exploration

The next leg of this emblem's journey began with the formation of the West India Shipping & Exploration Trade Company, abbreviated as the W.I.S.E Trade Co. This organization, deeply influenced by the Silk Council's ethos of wisdom and integrity, chose to adopt The Crowned Moors as their emblem.

The company, as its name suggests, was focused on maritime trade and exploration. As they navigated unknown seas, mapped new territories, and fostered trade relations, The Crowned Moors became a symbol of their adventurous spirit and commitment to ethical trade practices.

The W.I.S.E Trade Co. Trade Flag
The W.I.S.E Trade Co. Trade Flag

W.I.S.E & Black: A Modern Legacy

Today, this emblematic legacy continues with W.I.S.E & Black, a contemporary clothing brand. They embraced the emblem of The Crowned Moors, respecting its historical journey while also adding a modern touch.

Through the lens of fashion, the brand aims to echo the core values that the emblem represents – wisdom, integrity, strength, and endurance. W.I.S.E & Black also strives to uphold the symbol's original androgynous quality, promoting a message of inclusivity and acceptance.

From Saint Maurice to W.I.S.E & Black, the emblem's journey reflects an intertwining of faith, valor, cultural exchange, exploration, trade, and fashion. It serves as a potent symbol of enduring resilience, unwavering devotion, and timeless virtue, continuing to inspire and motivate across epochs.

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